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The Love List – Choose Your Partner Studies indicate that nearly 50% of women will know in the first 10minutes of a date whether the man they are with deserves further attention or not. Having this kind of leverage is worth its weight in gold. From a woman’s point of view, I think it’s pretty safe to say that the majority would love to get married, we want to enjoy the pleasure of being in a loving and trusting relationship that ultimately results in having a fairy tale wedding.
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After a long period of ‘just doing me!’, I was speaking to Sonia about relationships and she asked me bluntly ‘Do you want to get married Jo?’ For the first time I acknowledged openly my true hearts desire that I would, but followed with a list of reasons why not to. She suggested I make a list of qualities and attributes I desired from my ideal man.

It was divided up into three simple categories: essential, desirable and can’t stand. I made my list which was pretty long and Sonia helped me to refine this. For the first time I was able to define what husband material looked like to me and revealed where I had unrealistic expectations that I couldn’t meet so why should he?!

The process challenged me initially, but I made a few adjustments, kept the faith and I am pleased to say in October 2015 I got married to the man of my dreams! Thanks Sonia for introducing me to ‘the list’ and helping me to meet my match!

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